Andy karsner

Space Cowboy at X Labs; Managing Partner Emerson Collective


Andy Karsner is Managing Partner of Emerson Collective, Senior Strategist and Space Cowboy at X; and Precourt Energy Scholar at Stanford University.  He champions the values of Emerson Collective to prioritize the needs of humanity in concert with nature. His entrepreneurial leadership has been associated with both venture capital and private equity portfolios responsible for guidance and/or holdings in some of the most successful technology startups over the last ten years, including Nest, Tesla, Recurrent, and Codexis. From 2005 to 2008, Karsner served as Assistant Secretary of Energy for Efficiency and Renewable Energy of the United States, managing the approximately $2 billion annual federal applied science, research and development portfolio. In this role he helped assemble significant bipartisan coalitions to implement or enact the Energy Policy Act, the Energy Independence and Security Act and the America Competes Act, all of which remain the foundation of comprehensive energy policy today.  In diplomacy, Karsner was a principal climate negotiator of the "Bali Roadmap" and an original architect of the Major Economies Process.