Tim Ritchie

President and CEO, The Tech Museum of Innovation


Tim Ritchie has transformed The Tech Museum of Innovation into a vital community resource that excites and engages people of all ages with programs that help them discover their own problem-solving power. Under Ritchie’s leadership, The Tech has developed new partnerships with schools, created new teacher training programs, and increased its focus on equipping girls and low-income students to engage positively with science, technology, engineering and math. As a result of this work and more, The Tech in 2015 won the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the highest honor an American museum can earn.

why he marches

The Tech is proud to support the March for Science Silicon Valley. This community’s greatest gift to the world is its power to demonstrate that humanity can find innovative answers to the challenges we face. We do not fear facts, and we do not shrink from the future. We believe in the potential of each individual to use technology to help solve the world’s problems. That is why we are so pleased to see Silicon Valley rally behind this celebration of science and why we will continue our work to inspire the innovator in everyone