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Route and Transportation

For general directions to the march, check out our transportation guide

The route, shown on the right, is ADA approved and all areas of the route and rally point are wheelchair accessible. We'll start at San Jose City Hall, follow E Santa Clara St to 4th St to E San Fernando St and into Cesar Chavez Plaza.

As you follow the route, there are a few possibly challenging areas to be aware of. There are two main pinch points to be aware of: 4th Street at Flames and San Fernando at San Jose Museum of Art. Please be aware you will need to move towards the curb in these locations. When approaching Cesar Chavez Plaza, there are potholes in Market Street particularly near the curb on the West side of the street. When entering the plaza, the grassy areas are soft and uneven. If you're uncomfortable on unstable ground, you will want to stay on the sidewalk along the west side of the park, turn left halfway down, and left again to approach the stage.

We can't wait to see you there!